The Travel & Leisure Market
Helping you create unique branding experiences for your guests.
There's no better way to remember a favorite vacation or special event than with pictures -- and that includes photo books, calendars, collages, videos and more. Today's guests want to see their pictures right away -- and share them quickly, too. If they get home and regret not buying a special picture, they want to go online or run to a nearby kiosk. We can help you reach customers when and where they want, so you maximize revenue from each and every guest -- and they come back for more!
Travel & Leisure Our Expertise

Travel & Leisure: Our Expertise

The Travel & Leisure business unit of Kodak Moments (Travel & Leisure) provides powerful, proven digital imaging technology plus dedicated, global experience and resources in retail, operational and technical support
Enterprise Photo Exchange

Enterprise Photo Exchange

The core of every Travel & Leisure installation – is an integrated, secure, fully-scalable, enterprise-wide imaging management platform.