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Ruckus offer a complete line of high-performance network access infrastructure. Ruckus product portfolio includes Wi-Fi controllers, indoor and outdoor access points, wired Ethernet switches, an IoT suite and private LTE (CBRS). Ruckus also offer network security, detailed analytics, open APIs and management software, along with professional services and support.

Organizations are changing at an ever-increasing rate. Businesses face an uphill battle to adapt to change, and to stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, our cities are increasingly becoming more populated. Today, more than any other time, you need a technology partner that has both the vision and the capability to take your network communications to where you need them to be.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise makes everything connect by delivering technologies that work for you, with cloud, network, and communications solutions.

Arista’s Cognitive Campus Architecture goes well beyond wireless/wired LAN connectivity in addressing the challenges of workers coping with increasingly dispersed workspaces. As workers require constant access to their corporate and cloud resources, Arista’s Cognitive Campus meets constant availability requirements, with hitless upgrading and patching, lossless failover, and proactive remediation of client connection issues.

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